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How I found the Rational Culture, of the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT

(Incidentally, it was not me who found the Rational Culture ... the Rational Culture found me!).

"When the disciple is ready the Master appears”.
"It is not you who has the knowledge! It is the knowledge has you”.
By Julio Cesar de Carvalho (journalist and student of the Rational Culture)

Born in 1953, in Mendes, small town in south of Rio de Janeiro State (Brazil), I moved to Nova Friburgo with my parents when I was only seven years old (That was the first great change in my life!). The town where we moved to live is located in a mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro State.
I grew up in Nova Friburgo, learning to love the outdoor life. In the '60s, I was a “hippie” who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. When I turned 14 years old, I left Catholicism, which I followed up to that age due to my family's influence, and began following only God and my conscience. “Nobody is perfect, then nobody can tell me what I gotta do. Only God can show me the way forward”, I thought. (Leaving religion was the second big change in my life!).
When I was 23 years old, I married Angela, to which I’m still living married. We have two sons, born in 1978 and 1981 and a grandson, born in 2007. One night in 1981, I had a dream. I dreamed of a long road in the countryside where I was sitting on a stone (as in the song “Sitting by the roadside”, composed by Brazilian Erasmo Carlos and sung by Italian Ornella Vanoni).
Then I felt a smell of smoke. I turned and saw two men in white clothes. One of them was smoking a handmade cigarette. He was a tall man and when he got close to me, he touched my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, we’re preparing you. We’ll prepare you!”. At that moment, I woke up and asked myself: “They are preparing me for what?”.
I had that question in my mind for a year. Since I was young, I developed an obsession for UFOs. This interest grew even more with this dream. In 1982, under influence of some friends, I found the RATIONAL WORLD and the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, written by an extraterrestrial being called the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, whose representative on Earth is Manoel Jacintho Coelho – MJC. I was delighted with the teachings of the Master MJC. I had not found anything like in the books I've read so far: Lobsang Rampa, Carlos Castaneda, Erich Von Dänicken and many others.
Three years later, I visited Mr. MJC in Nova Iguaçu (Rio de Janeiro). At the time, he smoked a handmade cigarette and spoke to me and the people around: “The smoke of this cigarette is announcing my presence. If you smell this smoke, it's because I'm standing by you, anywhere you are”.
“This experience shocked me”. MJC WAS THE MAN IN MY DREAM! THE WAS THE THAT ONE PREPARING ME TO FULFILL MY DESTINY! HE DISCLOSED TO ME THE KNOWLEDGE OFM THE RATIONAL CULTURE, I thought. (That was the biggest change in my entire life!). Indeed, Mr. MJC is not of this world. When he was born, a star fell from the sky in front of his door, which was told by the people of that time.
After I started reading, I even saw bodies of light in various shapes and sizes inside and outside my house. They started to talk to me in my thoughts and I began to be guided by them. These two ways of communication: reading the books and mental communication are called “development of reasoning”, by stimulating the Epiphysis (also known as pineal gland: THE GLAND OF REASONING), located at the base of our brain. This is the first step towards RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.
You can learn more about the RATIONAL CULTURE by clicking the links which are about the RATIONAL CULTURE, Ufology and other related subjects (You may find some of them quite useful):

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