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Jimmy Page, lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin, gets the book Universe in Disenchantment

Initiative to present the player with the first volume in English was made by Rio’s Rock Group Black Dog, cover band of Led Zeppelin, led by Jimmy Page.

Jimmy Page holds the book sided by Black Dog Band
Ives Pierini and his brother Christian, who are part of the rock band Black Dog, cover band of the English hard rock group Led Zeppelin, had a rare opportunity that every fan dreams of one day. They and the other band members were invited to personally meet the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin leader, during his visitation to Rio de Janeiro, on November 29, 2009. Ives and Christian are students of the Rational Culture and the Books of the Universe in Disenchantment and creators of Project 1935, which also includes singer Denise Muller. The project was created to compose, produce and record songs with lyrics addressing to Rational Culture  themes, because, since Brazilian singer and composer Tim Maia left the movement, no more rational songs were created, in style and pace appropriate to the musical taste of the rockers and the like. To hear(and download) the rational songs Project 1935, visit the link: http://www.reverbnation.com/projeto1935.
Page and his dazzling guitar, in the golden 
days of Led Zeppelin, who had scored his 
career with the classic "Stairway to
 heaven", anthem of the 70’s youth.
After visiting Jimmy Page, Ives Pierini said: “We decided to give Jimmy a English copy of first volume of the book Universe in Disenchantment and, as expected, he really enjoyed it, because we know that he is interested in Rational Culture themes that clarifies its content. It was an unforgettable evening”, he said, after the contact group with the striking figure of the veteran guitarist. The meeting was recorded, whose photo is showing for posterity here on the blog.
At the time, Jimmy Page was in Rio to play a concert held in British School auditorium in Urca, in order to raise funds for Jimmy’s Home, an institution he created here in Brazil, which helps disadvantaged young people and teenage pregnancy in Santa Teresa neighborhood in Rio. Also took part in the show the singer and also guitar player Pepeu Gomes, from Bahia State; George Israel, from Kid Abelha; and bands formed by students from the school. Pepeu had the opportunity to meet former Led Zeppelin at the backstage of Rock in Rio 2001 Festival.
About Black Dog, considered by the public in Rio one of the best Led Zeppelin cover bands, the story that the group emerged in 1995 when some friends decided to play something 
unpretentiously, and this "thing" was just Led Zeppelin. In 1999, after going through lineup changes, the band made several amazing tours in Rio, from 1999 to 2002, spreading the name Black Dog across the Rio’s underground, including in their repertoire another classic group: Deep Purple.

In 2002, the band started up his own work. Fernando Barreto presented to his friends some compositions, inspired primarily in the seventies repertoire, exactly according to which the band has shown and knows how to do. In 2003, still under the name Black Dog, the band makes a tour, also including the Brazilian Southeast, particularly Minas and Sao Paulo States, releasing his first single “I Do not Care, I Do not Mind”, with songs in Portuguese and English. With the arrival of compositions, the band entered the studio in 2004 to record his new work, adopting the name "Cachorro Preto (Black Dog in Portuguese), due to several factors, including the existence of a thousand other bands called "Black Dog" and also aiming at a greater identification with the current Brazilian rock scene.
Finally, in 2005, with new formation and as a consequence of these changes, the Black Dog (or Cachorro Preto) has now his vast repertoire, totalling five hours of rock & roll, divided into two shows: “The Tribute to Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple”, with Black Dog show, and the band's own compositions, with Cachorro Preto. The Black Dog/Cachorro Preto is formed by Fernando Barreto – vocals and guitar, Daniel Lamas – guitar, keyboards and vocals; Ives Pierini – bass and vocals, and Christian Pierini – Drums.
Beyond the Black Dog/Cachorro Preto, Chistian and Ives Pierini also participate in the group Cactus Peyotes, classic hard rock band, typical of the seventies, immortalized by groups like Uriah Heep, Captain Beyond and Scorpions, in which the guitars are not violent, having the necessary ease with force, but without damaging the ears. Keyboards are remarkable for running bases and solos with interesting sounds.

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